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Zip your Crypto to Earn

Earn more on your crypto by selecting each Zip for a period of time and interest percentage that fits your financial capability.

  • Fund. Zip. Withdraw.

    Seamless process to your fiancial freedom. Our 3 way investment process enables our investors easy access to invest and manage their portflio.

  • Automated returns

    Our profit returns are automated and reflected daily in your dashboard,You need not to worry about your earning as they are always made available.

  • Trade as you go

    Get started up, without any prior knowlegde,Our team will help you handle the rest

Know more about ZippChain Wallet

Compliance to law

We believe legal compliance is key to growing digital finance. We are fully incooperated and registered to operate and handle hegde funds

Avaliable Support

Our support team is always available to help your through the process. Just chat our Live support

Funds management

At ZippChain we help our user's keep their funds safe and maximise profits using our low-risk strategy

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Buy crypto any of the accepted crypto through our partners or transfer in funds. Once your transaction block is completed and confirmed, you will be elegible for zipping.

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What our Clients say about Us!

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Well you hear so many stories about false companies, I am trusting Zippchain to be on the ball as I use this alot.

User Image

Simple and easy to use. They didn't try to add too much, It does what it was designed to do. Some companies have the tendency to show off they have money and skills. In my personal opinion it usually takes away from the site's true purpose due to the distractions.

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A little disappointed, it's a great way to get genuine feedback, but I recently had a review taken down. It was a 5 star review of a company I buy from. I don't understand why they would take it down it's good to hear about good experiences as well as bad. I will still be using ZippChain but they need to work on their algorithms.